Garage Door Opener Troubleshooting 101

Garage Door Opener Trouble Shooting

There are many reasons why your garage door wont open, close, or stop working properly. One of the certain reasons is the garage door opener, maybe it has reached the end of its design life. But if you bought the garage door opener just recently, then that’s a different issue after all. It can be because of some simple issues. However you don’t have to panic since it can be fixed and this garage door opener repair Sacramento¬†101 will provide you with the necessary information you need.

Some of the garage door opener problems

First and foremost lets review some of the problems that you can incur with your garage door opener. The garage door may not open or close; it may reverse just immediately after touching the floor or before touching the floor in case of a up and over garage doors; may not respond to the remote or the wall switch; the garage door opener motor continuously runs even after opening or closing the garage door; and many other small issues.

How to fix the problems

This is the most important part of this garage door opener troubleshooting 101. Why? It provides the step to step and clear solutions to your garage door opener related problems. In attempt to describe the troubleshooting tips, the problems will be categorized as shown below.

1. Garage door opener does not respond to the remote and the wall switch

First check if the opener has power to rule out electrical issues such as circuit breaker, or the fuse. If all the above is okay, there are other possible reasons for this. Now try the following tips: reprogram the remote or check the batteries, and possibly if you are in range; check the antenna on the motor unit for blocked sensors, the sensors should hang down directly across each other.

2. Garage door wont open or close

Check your limit switch, loosen it using a screw driver either and test. Many people in Sacramento CA have reported that just this did the trick for them.

3. Garage door reverses before hitting the floor or immediately after touching the floor

Adjust the close limit switch and adjust the hitting of floor and reversing problem, and adjust the close force limit switch to solve for reversing before hitting the floor.

4. Garage door doesn’t open or close completely

This problem is the same as the above problem (No.3). Adjust the close limits as well.

5. Garage door motor cant stop running

Again this is another problem with the limit switch. Adjust the limit switch either on the rear of door opener, or on the track, or move the limit switch away from the motor.

Finally, your garage door system will have these general problems of running motors producing squeaking noises, remote issues, and problems with opening and closing the garage door. There is no reason to start tearing the mechanical pieces that are more advanced in order to fix it yourself.

So no matter if you live in Sacramento or any other city – after following the solutions offered by this garage door opener troubleshooting 101 article, and the symptoms persist, then depending on the state of your door i.e old or new, then you should consider replacing the garage door opener system.