7 Hacks on How to Mow Your Lawn Correctly

You may be a seasoned pro, or someone using a lawn mower for the first time. Either way, there are right and wrong ways of going about this. Here are 7 top tips to help you nail it, the correct way!

1. Adjust your height to the top setting

It is important to begin cutting your grass at around the top third of i’s blade. Adjust your setting too high to support the root of your newly mowed grass. This will encourage a deeper root anchor and encourage your grass system to find the necessary water and nutrients that are in the soil for it to flourish. If you cut too closely you will scalp the lawn and force the re-growth. This will compromise the root system and make your lawn more susceptible to weeds.

There are some exceptions to the rule. You will find that the majority of grass species prefer the above method. However, zoysiagrass and centipedegrass will respond better to a middle to low setting. Bermudagrass and creeping bentgrass require the lowest possible setting.

2. Make Sure Its Dry

Don’t attempt to tackle a wet or damp lawn. Let it dry out as this can give you an irregular and unattractive cut. Clippings can block your mower system and dump them at random intervals, resulting in a less than perfect presentation. Just be a little patient and let it dry!

3. Lawns Like Variety

Change the direction or pattern each time you mow. The lawns will love you for it because you will be helping to lessen compacting soil. Grass prefers to lean in the direction you mow, so this will give you a much more polished finish.

4. Don’t be a Lawn Mowing Control Freak

Love your lawn. Give it a break every now and then mow only when necessary, respecting its grass type, surrounding conditions, and seasonal growth spurts. Sometimes it will be each week, while other times, such as high summer, it may only be once every couple of weeks.

5. Let a New Lawn Settle In

New seedlings need to be given a good chance to achieve their first mowing height. Remember to stick to the one third rule and set your moving high. Aggressive moving can have an adverse effect and land you with shocked and stressed grass, resulting in stunted and irregular growth.

6. Grass Clippings Are your Friend

If you mow at the suggested height, you will not need to use a catcher and this will give nutrients, such as nitrogen, back to the ground. If you do use a catcher, consider tossing them neatly back onto the lawn as mulch fertilizer. However, don’t do this if you have used chemical products to control your weeds for at least one year.

7. Keep Sharp

Just like hair dressing scissors, mower blades perform best when they are sharp, producing a clean, crisp, manicured cut. Blunt blades will only tear the grass and this may cause a greyish discolouration.

Tricks that help to know about Solar Power on the Gold Coast

Making use of the power of the sun, also known as solar power, is starting to get popular since the prices of energy are continually on the rise. This is particularly so in the Gold Coast of Australia.

There are particular solar power systems that are available for purchase in the Gold Coast. These systems could either have simple or complex mechanics. Here are some of the systems you could choose from:

1. Standalone solar power system – If you’re searching for something that is self-sufficient when it comes to power production. Large and also powerful, this could offer power to the lights in your house and even provide power for heating and air conditioning. The stand alone system functions exactly like any normal solar power system, however, this system is mainly used in far flung and hard to reach areas where there are no other methods to have electricity. Usually, farm folks are the people who purchase a standalone solar power system.

2. Portable solar power system – Much smaller when compared with the standalone system, it is however, much more popular for those who do a little bit of camping and for those who have RVs. The portable solar power system is most often utilized for small tasks like lighting and small appliance use. Campers make use of it in order to offer power for their outdoor lights.

3. Grid tie in solar power systems – If you are seeking an alternate source of electricity, then this is for you as this system is primarily utilized to save on the cost of electricity which a house normally uses. Having this system could really help you in saving on your electricity and even gas bills especially when the weather gets too hot or too cold.

There are other solar power systems on the Gold Coast that you can avail of aside from the ones mentioned. As such, you could always approach your dealer as to what system would suit you best, your budget and your house. Your dealer could even present you a price quote for you to know how much it would precisely cost.

3 Good Reasons to convert your loft in Southampton

loft after conversionIf you are like me, then you love to save a coin or two at every opportunity. There are many different ways to save money, but a loft conversion in Southampton as always been my number one choice. If you are looking to increase your living space and add value to your home as well, a loft conversion is the smart way to go.

As you ponder on that, I would like to let you in on the secrets of saving money through loft conversions. Well, the obvious top reason is to create extra living space in your home. It is much cheaper to add a room or two to your house through a loft conversion rather than relocate to a bigger house. The average homes usually waste a lot of space in their upper rooms; loft conversions can help you manage the space by adding an extra bedroom or a bathroom.

I have often heard people claiming that converting their loft do not increase the value of a home. Have you stopped to wonder why there is so much hype about Southampton loft conversions if there was practically no gain from it? Gone are the days when loft conversions used to be about creating rooms that could only act as storage places. In this modern world, a loft conversion does not have to lead to lone dark rooms with barely any lighting. The main secret is to have your spaces revamped in such a way that they complement the other parts of your home.

Who does not want an upgrade now and then? Loft conversions help you live the lifestyle you want with a fraction of the cost it would take to buy a new home. For no particular reason, I love the tireless efforts that Southampton loft conversions put in revamping the spaces in my home. Lately, I had vaulted ceilings, a fireplace and built-in storage units added to my home and I smile all the way to my home each time I think of the money I saved.

The best German solar panels in Perth WA

solar panels made in germany

Why should anyone continue wasting money on fuel for energy. Probably people should stop, solar energy has revolved the energy world to be very cheap. Well, you do not need just solar you need a panel that converts it into energy and store the energy for use. German solar panels in Perth WA have undergone the best innovation to be launched out as the best product in the market.

The best German solar panels are set for the specific purpose of serving your need. You may have probably bought other solar panels and became dissatisfied or planning to buy one; but this specific solar panel is designed perfectly to tap and store large quantities of solar energy. The price is set to be so convenient to all classes of people.

How unique are the solar panels?

It is designed to survive under extremely harsh weather conditions without easily getting spoilt. Unlike many other solar panels that cannot withstand strong heat, humid conditions and dust it can survive all conditions. It guarantees every buyer 25 years of good working condition.

The solar panel has a high capacity and capability to store solar energy for long hours. Many solar panels have been disappointing due to short hours of storing energy such that when the cold conditions come the energy is lost. With German solar panels in Perth you will be assured of long service time of energy stored.

The price set for the solar panel is convenient and affordable, it is set to take care of the classes of all people. No discrimination it all serve all people the same at very low costs.

I like giving credit to something worth being given, i would actually fail myself a lot if i do not recommend German solar panels in Perth to all solar users. You will never regret buying.

Home Repair – Hiring a Technician vs DIY

technician or do it yourself

Are you thinking about repairing your home and looking for good home repair services? If you are planning to refurbish your home, you must always keep in mind that, DIY (Do it Yourself) is the best thing. It really works better than any technician you hire.

You can try to modify yourself or hire the services to test which works best. It is for sure that, you love doing yourself than the services.

What Technicians Do

These people never come whenever you need. If you approach them today, they will arrive tomorrow or day after. It becomes difficult for you to trust these people’s visit. You may be under confusion whether they come today or tomorrow or day after. You need to keep all your work aside and wait for these people. It’s simply a waste of time. Not all, but few people are punctual as well. But, charges will be higher than your budget. They will probably do whatever they feel right when repairing your home. They hardly put your ideas while modifying, and just makes you to shut your mouth by telling you something that you don’t understand.

How does DIY work?

This works amazingly well as you are the owner. You can do whatever you wish to modify your home. Put all your creative ideas to make your home a wonderful place! Try to refer websites or magazines, seek ideas visiting your friends or relatives house, etc. When you do all these things yourself, you will feel glad, since things go as per your wish. Also, you will save lots of money that is spent on these services. And moreover, you do not have to wait for anybody. Start and finish the home repairing work as and when you get time. When you handle all these things by your own, you can even save lots of time along with money.

Conclusion: DIY is the best thing that has to be adopted than going with Technician and wasting lots of time and money.

3 Tips to make your garage door repair better

Tips to make your garage door repair better

Garage doors are vital for provision of security to your properties like cars and as such there is need to ensure they function properly and are able to perform its protection function diligently. Occasionally, constant open and closure of garage doors can lead to damages making the door either too weak that it opens easily or even completely refuses to operate. Certain problems can be easily managed and addressed without seeking the services of a professional technician like Garage Door Repair San Jose who have solutions to even the biggest door issues. But to start it and to repair garage doors by yourself, these tips can be quite helpful.

1. Observe of metal track

Garage door whether it rolls up during opening or swing open operate on spring tension and thus moves on metal tracks on the walls. This usually attracts attention during the door repair as it is most likely to be the source of problem. Observation of metal tracks thus can enable you identify the problem and attend to it as required. Basically, mounting and alignment of the brackets might be loose or tight and thus you will tighten or loosen as required. Similarly, observe condition of the tracks to identify presence of dirt and hardened grease and clean appropriately with household cleaner.

2. Observe other hard wares

The cause of garage door malfunction might be due to another reason apart from metal tracks. Plates where the spring is mounted on swing-up door, hinges on roll-up doors and enlargement of screw hole are some of the hard wares that might warrant fixing. Presence of only one torsion spring on roll-up door will necessitate seeking help from a professional as you could be easily injured when fixing it.

3. Attend to garage door opener

The garage door opener can also be a cause of problem and warrant repair. And we have received many mails from readers in San Jose, CA, who confirm this. This exercise is usually handy but manageable, dirt, or loosening of one part of the opener might require repair but sometimes there might be need to remove and install a new opener and thus when installing the new opener, observing and following the previous installation can be helpful but when feeling incapable to repair and install the door opener as well as any part of the garage door, seek the help of a professional.

Garage Door Opener Troubleshooting 101

Garage Door Opener Trouble Shooting

There are many reasons why your garage door wont open, close, or stop working properly. One of the certain reasons is the garage door opener, maybe it has reached the end of its design life. But if you bought the garage door opener just recently, then that’s a different issue after all. It can be because of some simple issues. However you don’t have to panic since it can be fixed and this garage door opener repair Sacramento 101 will provide you with the necessary information you need.

Some of the garage door opener problems

First and foremost lets review some of the problems that you can incur with your garage door opener. The garage door may not open or close; it may reverse just immediately after touching the floor or before touching the floor in case of a up and over garage doors; may not respond to the remote or the wall switch; the garage door opener motor continuously runs even after opening or closing the garage door; and many other small issues.

How to fix the problems

This is the most important part of this garage door opener troubleshooting 101. Why? It provides the step to step and clear solutions to your garage door opener related problems. In attempt to describe the troubleshooting tips, the problems will be categorized as shown below.

1. Garage door opener does not respond to the remote and the wall switch

First check if the opener has power to rule out electrical issues such as circuit breaker, or the fuse. If all the above is okay, there are other possible reasons for this. Now try the following tips: reprogram the remote or check the batteries, and possibly if you are in range; check the antenna on the motor unit for blocked sensors, the sensors should hang down directly across each other.

2. Garage door wont open or close

Check your limit switch, loosen it using a screw driver either and test. Many people in Sacramento CA have reported that just this did the trick for them.

3. Garage door reverses before hitting the floor or immediately after touching the floor

Adjust the close limit switch and adjust the hitting of floor and reversing problem, and adjust the close force limit switch to solve for reversing before hitting the floor.

4. Garage door doesn’t open or close completely

This problem is the same as the above problem (No.3). Adjust the close limits as well.

5. Garage door motor cant stop running

Again this is another problem with the limit switch. Adjust the limit switch either on the rear of door opener, or on the track, or move the limit switch away from the motor.

Finally, your garage door system will have these general problems of running motors producing squeaking noises, remote issues, and problems with opening and closing the garage door. There is no reason to start tearing the mechanical pieces that are more advanced in order to fix it yourself.

So no matter if you live in Sacramento or any other city – after following the solutions offered by this garage door opener troubleshooting 101 article, and the symptoms persist, then depending on the state of your door i.e old or new, then you should consider replacing the garage door opener system.

Manual vs Automatic Garage Doors

Manual or Automatic Garage Doors

Whether to put up a manual or an automatic garage door is a question that that all garage owners have to ask themselves. The sheer fact that garage doors come in various shapes and sizes makes it paramount to decide whether to automate the door or just put up a manual one. This decision can easily be done by simply considering the pros and cons of each type of door and weighing whether the pros outweigh the cons for each type of door. The idea for this post came after some of the readers have been asking for tips on garage door replacement in Reno, NV. In this battle of Manual vs Automatic garage doors, the garage owner has to look at the various aspects of these doors and then decide by himself which type wins.

The installation of the door is one of the aspects that you as the garage owner has to consider. Manual garage doors are much easier to install than automatic doors. Automatic doors include installation of the mechanical parts that might be tricky and may require the intervention of an expert. Putting up a manual garage door is much easier and does not demand the help of an expert. A little help from a friend in terms of support since the garage door might be heavy is all that you need. Installing an automated door is also a bit expensive due the fact that you have to purchase the mechanical parts.

Convenience is another aspect that you have to consider when making the decision on what kind of door to install. An automatic garage door is convenient in the sense that you do not have to get out of the vehicle to open the door. All you need is to press a button on the remote control and the door slides right up. For a manual door, you have to get out of the vehicle and lift the door yourself. The little effort used to open an automatic one with a garage door opener is also another great convenience.

Safety is also a crucial factor when choosing the kind of garage door to install. An automatic door is safer than the manual door since it has detectors installed that prevent the door from closing if something is on its way. A manual door has no such detectors and may easily crush anything on its way down including a small child. I hope you enjoyed this post and whether you live in Reno or somewhere else, you should now find it easier to replace your garage door without problems.